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Full Version: Suggestions to improve the NES hack of The Crow
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I admit that I rushed through the ending, was just getting worn down towards the end and needed a break. Made these to make it more like the movie, if anyone's interested:

[Image: crow-alt-ending.png]

Wanted to switch the order of Tin Tin and Fun Boy too, also to be more like the movie:

[Image: tin-tin-funboy.png]

A few more:

- 1st 2 rows: Would like to change the enemy on the top row to look like a skeleton, to give the game more of a dark / Halloween feel
- 3rd and 4th rows: Wanted to change the "box" boss to look like this. That's the Skull Cowboy from the comics / deleted scenes
- Last row: Possible alternate 'running' scene

thanks to spriters resource for the Rad Racer and Batman sprites

[Image: crow-changes.png]

The last changes I would make would be the following (pictured below):

1. Change the "cave" graphics to bricks, to make it more like a city (also, because there were no caves in The Crow)
2. Take out the circular graphics in one of the levels and change the color to orange (2nd row)
3. Make the level before it orange as well (3rd row)

[Image: the-crow-level-changes.png]

The color change to orange was based on the guitar solo scene:

[Image: crow-guitar-solo.png]

just for fun, recolored the first part of level 4:

[Image: stage-4-recolor.png]
These would be the last guys I would add, just to replace the jumping creatures and to give the game a darker atmosphere:

[Image: skeletons2.png]
You know, I actually picked up this movie earlier this year out of sheer interest for the aesthetic.

I think your edits actually hit the nail pretty hard on matching it to the movie. I don't really know what the official game is like but knowing that The Crow is a dark film that has that whole grunge aesthetic I gotta say you did a nice job getting that down.
Well thanks Dio. A lot of people don't know it, but The Crow is actually a comic book movie... but then the gothic and emo people saw it and took it way too seriously.

Btw, I heard you were talking crap about my Chun Li sprites :-)
And here I was thinking that I was restraining myself on those ones haha.

I've seen worse though but I'd be getting off topic. But yeah when I discovered the movie I found out it was based on a comic. I'm hoping I can get my hands on the comic one day but for now I'm content with the copy of the film I own.