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Full Version: Sonic 3 Sprite Sheet Remastered
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I just Remastered the sonic  sprites Smile
A lot of it appears to be unchanged, insofar as I can perceive. More broadly, this is reminiscent of the early/mid-2000s in terms of quality.

Was there a change to some of the quills in places?

Critically speaking, the running sprites that are unique or adapted from CD... they don't fit. That's the nicest way to put it. It'd take a few pixels of tweaking to directly adapt the CD loop feet, but it'd fit the 3K style in time; what I'm looking at seems to either deviate from the CD attempt, or the CD version was haphazardly scaled down by ramming certain columns and rows of pixels out - this can be best seen with the weird jutting out bit on the right half of the Mobius Strips. Don't even get me started on the middle frame.

The side-on fast running sprites don't match up with those on the first rows, quite simply, and look more like floppy clown feet.

Row 3. I'm not sure what Sonic's meant to be juggling. A Chaos Emerald? It looks neither like the 3K version or the Advance version. The juggling hand, too, is very lacklustre; it needs more shading and the block where the wrist is needs to be smoothed out. The CD-adapted sprite at the end has a particular problem - everything that's not the head is still trapped in the CD style and palette. Maybe move the head one pixel to the left, too.