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Full Version: Why wasn't my TurboMan sprite accepted yet?
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I made a TurboMan sprite sheet 03/08 and it wasn't accepted yet, and I'm trying to find why.

Heres the link:
The first thing I see is that the flame shield animation is incomplete. And the third frame in kart boost and fifth frame in the intro don't look right. If the match the last frames on each animation, they might look better.

Other than that, it's a pretty good first try

Edit: And the scorch wheel flames from the credits tag are missing
Which section did you upload to?

It's also possible that they haven't gotten to it yet?
(09-01-2020, 09:20 PM)Kold-Virus Wrote: [ -> ]Which section did you upload to?

It's also possible that they haven't gotten to it yet?

I upload it in MegaMan Customs in MM7 RobotMasters.

also I updated the sprites so, here's a new link:
When did you upload it is the most key thing. As Kold said, chances are pretty high they just havent gotten to it yet. The best thing to do is wait until it gets accepted/rejected then go from there. Pending doesnt' mean it hasn't been accepted, it just means that the staff are, unfortunately, dealing with the other 7,000 submissions they got last week.

They'll get to you, and when they do, you'll know for sure if you were accepted or rejected.
The Models Resource has over 3135 pending submissions, that could be one reason why your submission is taking so long. Or like Kold-Virus says, they haven't gotten around to it. Be patient, and your sheet will be accepted or rejected
Thanks for all of you, I'm now closing this thread.