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Full Version: My Sheet of every Super Mario Power-up was rejected.
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So I submitted the attached sprite sheet of every power-up and power-up-like item (mostly talking about the three hats from Super Mario 64, since the Mario wiki considers them power-ups) from the Super Mario Series. Anyone have any idea on why this was rejected , and how I could maybe make it meet the quality standards? Your feedback would (maybe) be helpful, so I'm happy to hear what you think.

This is what I was told in regards to the rejection;

"[font=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]You're receiving this PM because I'm afraid we have rejected your sheet of "Every Super Mario Power-Up" for "Mario Customs" under the console "Custom / Edited".
Your sheet was not accepted for the following reason:

  • The sheet does not meet quality standards for the Custom / Edited section. We are always happy to see people who want to do custom work and, as a community, strive to help artists grow. This sheet does not currently meet our quality standards but we'd love to help you improve so head over to the Spriting and Pixel Art board or our Discord server (under #creativity) and post your sheet there for some constructive feedback and suggestions."

    For anyone who is wondering about the power-ups I included (if you don't recognize all of them), here is the complete list in the order shown on the sheet;

Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, SMB2 Mushroom*, Super Leaf, Frog Suit, Hammer Suit, Tanooki Suit, Superball Flower, Cape Feather, P-Balloon, Carrot, Wing Cap, Metal Cap, Vanish Cap, Mini Mushroom, Power Flower***, Mega Mushroom, Blue Shell, Bee Mushroom, Spring Mushroom, Boo Mushroom, Red Star, Propeller Mushroom, Ice Flower, Penguin Suit, Rock Mushroom, Cloud Flower, Tanooki Leaf***, Boomerang Flower, Gold Flower, Golden Mushroom, Super Acorn, Super Bell, Double Cherry, Mystery Mushroom, Weird Mushroom, Super Crown, Super Hammer, and Master Sword.
Life, Death, Special, and Invincibility Items: 1-UP Mushroom, Super Star, Poison Mushroom, P-Wing, 3-Up Moon, Healing Heart/Life Heart**, Life Mushroom, [font=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]White Tanooki Leaf***, [font=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]Statue Leaf***[/font][/font], P-Acorn, Lucky Bell, Invincibility Mushroom, and Rotten Mushroom.
Ride-able Items: Goomba Shoe, Yoshi Eggs (in Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Light Blue, Pink, and Black***), Propeller Box***, Coin Box****, Cannon Box***, Goomba Skate, Goomba Mask***, Buzzy Beetle Helmet***, Spiny Shell Helmet***, Stiletto (in Black*** and Red), Koopa Troopa Car****, Dry Bones Shell, Red POW Box***, Bullet Bill Mask***.

  *  (The SMB2 Mushroom was just a standard Super Mushroom in Super Mario Bros 2, but the sprite was repurposed as the SMB2 Mushroom that turns you into the SMB2 version of your character)
** (While they are stationary and not collectible in Super Mario 64, they can come out of blocks and be collected in Super Mario Odyssey. However, since they look extremely similar, I put them into one spot)
*** (These items were added or modified in an updated version of the sheet)
****(Coming Soon)
Overview: the sheet is very cluttered, and the credit box isn't an easy read; spacing would be key, and using a singular font would make it easier to read the credit tag. The icon suffers from this greatly, and doesn't need so many objects; it needs transparency too.

Which style are you aiming for, or is it your own?
These are good sprites, but the improvements that could be done is this:

* Sort them in groups in the sheet (ride-able, power ups, etc.). Or sort them in which game they appeared in. (Or both if you'd prefer)

* Give them a little shading. It would give them more detail.

* For the invincibility hat, try doing what the person in this sheet did for Invisible Mario:

Other than that, it's a pretty good first try.
The style is kind of SMB3 style, but without the NES's color limitations and with no lighting effects (such as shadows) built into the sprites. Those are both stylistic choices. Also, I literally did sort them in two ways; first into standard power-ups, special power-ups, power-ups related to extra lives, invincibility, or death, and ride-able power-ups. Then, for each of those categories, each item is sorted by first appearance (minus any exceptions that I noted above). I guess the crediting was a bit messy, so I'll fix that before I attempt to resubmit it. Overall, thanks for the feedback.
Any time!

(PS. The style you probably mean is called "basic style". Since it isn't NES, and it isn't detailed with shading. So basic might be the word for it.)
Also, quick question. Should I add items such as the Cannon Box, Bullet Bill Mask, Spiny Shell, etc? I'm not sure if they should count or not, since I included the caps from Mario 64, the Goomba Shoes, and the Dry Bones Shell on the sheet, and they seem similar in concept.
You can if you want to
Alright. I sure hope this updated sheet gets accepted, since it's quite the improvement so far over the original version.
It looks good if the newest version is the one you have added above. Personally i feel the credit tag is a bit on the large side since its almost a third of the whole image, but i don't really do credit tags in general so my opinion on them is shaky.
I have once again updated it. The newer appearance of the Tanooki Leaf, both Shelmets from Super Mario Maker, the Propeller Box, and several others have been added.
The credits tag looks much better. I would recommend making the propellers on the propeller mushroom and propeller block animated, and making the top of the left-most and right-most sides on the super acorn and the p-acorn one pixel taller. Other than that, it looks great!