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Full Version: All of my Pokemon Fusions
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I made a lot of Pokemon fusions a long time ago, and I've decided to share my collection! My favorite is Scepviper Cool
Awesome job striker212!
I like them. Especially the Vaporeon with the big tounge XD
What's funny is that I'm working on a pokemon fusions animations. XD XD XD

Edit: The Lucario Fusion kind of looks like Torch Man
That's nice and all but all the same, they are fusions/splices.

While I get why some people appreciate these there isn't really a whole lot that you can learn from doing editing like this. Putting that aside I really have nothing to say.
@DioShiba Some people like Level UP, members on Team Level UP, and I use things like these for Pokemon Fusions videos or Pokemon videos in general. These might also give people inspiration to do their own fusions.

And it's also something fun to do.
What DioShiba is getting at is that it's working with pre-existing content and mixing it together. While it is practice in its own right, there comes a limit with working in this manner. The implication in his words is for striker212 to try and stray off the beaten path to make something in a unique work.

I'm in the same boat as DioShiba on this one. It's cool, but not really long-term sufficient for learning.
Παρατηρητής hit it right on the nail.

I'm not saying that these fusions are bad and that they weren't done for fun and all that but you're not really building any of the skills you could actually be mastering if you were to make something from nothing instead of building off things that are already known, there are very few rare exceptions to this and they would contain far more extensive editing than what fusions typically would have. And that's why many people who have been doing pixel art or sprite work for years will typically tell people to avoid fusions and basic editing.

I initially did not want to comment on it because this isn't work that, at this point I would be impressed by. Maybe if I was like ten years old back in 2005 when I first learned about communities like TSR or MFGG I would be drooling over these but... I've grown a lot since then to know the difference between something that has some serious work that was put into it and something done out of pure hobby.

I don't want to deter OP from making things but I think that if they were to take what myself and Παρατηρητής are actually saying here (And this applies to everyone!) then they could make work that would actually bring about more of a discussion to help him make something that could be impressive and be far more proud of. That is why I would say that to encourage growth amongst artists if I can.

Actually with that in mind, I want to make it very clear that most of us who have been making either sprites or pixel art have been at this very same point that striker212 is at right now.

No one ever said that improving on a skilset is going to be easy, and the core principles that come with making art of any kind would be one of the same. Most people who discuss here are not here to show case their work as much as they are willing to actually improve on their stuff and that's why we comment and critique everyone's work.

So if you are serious about growing as an artist, don't fret! Even if it is a struggle we're all here to help each other become a better person and creatives because that's just the kind of community that, ideally we would want to foster.