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Full Version: EarthBound Repaint Help
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hello i'm in need of spriters to help me with a Repaint of the game EarthBound In this Thread I will make a list of  sprites I need I will ( of course ) Credit you. There may be more on the list later

1. Papyrus Overworld sprite 

2. nessie but barney the dinosaur 

3. beepo from robot 64 overworld sprite

4. Shrek overworld sprite

A) No.
B) This is not the Request Board.
C) Even if it was you don't have enough posts to be able to request in accordance with the rules.
D) If you want the help so bad, do some of the work yourself to show that you're serious about this. You might find that some of us will be more inclined to help you then.
Been a while since I've seen a dumb thread like this. Then again, I don't explore this forum very often outside of the ripping sections. What DioShiba said. Just do some of the work yourself and you might attract people willing to help you.

(Honestly, where do these people come from?)