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this isn't letting me delete this, so now, it's a temporary filler
(mods, admins, staff: can you please delete this post?)
are you still working on the mountains for my sheet? i am patient i just want to know
Good deflection, Jace. Just... be patient?

The Minecraft Slime: It's a green square with a collection of blocks inside of it. More broadly, surely that's not all the slime does, just be static? I'm not sure what can be achieved with the nx sprites, but expand on it, add detail if you can. I've not seen them in other content or found them in the game myself but surely there's more to them than that.

For a Sonic 2 style, it sure is utilising the water palettes from CD. Besides the unnecessary character sprites at the bottom, there's not much different to begin with, and certain elements specific to CD are still present. Look at Sonic's sprite sheet for 2.

You've got a thread dedicated to MK and I've covered critique there.

You have my pointers for the Sonic R Mobile.

For Knuckles, I legitimately don't know what's different, other than certain elements coming from a selection of games, more unrelated characters, some palette edits and that god-awful "meme". What exactly is this sheet hoping to achieve?