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Full Version: Super Smash Bros. Online (Online Fangame)
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[Image: smashbrosonlinelogo.png]
Super Smash Bros, a game we always enjoy, but what about one where you can play... ONLINE!!!

Super Smash Bros. Online is a fangame im making with the purpose, Online battles, anyways, the main cast will return

there will also be newcomers for it, at the time im writting this, Spongebob was the only revealed newcomer in the fangame

This fangame will be made using the source from a Smash 4 3DS RomFS data, but it will have new codes for Ultimate's newcomers
and the newcomers of this fangame

here is the list as of so far

Main Producer: Bulletbillgamer18
Programmer for the newcomers: Free Spot (It May Be You If Good On The Subject)
New Music Productors: Bulletbillgamer18, Chase The Fox
Rig Animator: Bulletbillgamer18
Scripter for the models's separate pieces 
(yes, the Smash games have the models with diferent model pieces, mostly the fighters): Free Spot (It May Be You If Good On The Subject)

Anyways, ill be leaving the links to the current game websites

Smash. Online's Website:
Main Reveal Trailer:

anyways, this has been for the showcasing, this project is made with Unity, and remember, GRAB THE SMASH BALL TO THE INTERNET!!!
Doesn’t SSB HAVE online mode? It’s in Smash Ultimate!
(06-04-2020, 07:54 AM)Tylerbrownies102 Wrote: [ -> ]Doesn’t SSB HAVE online mode? It’s in Smash Ultimate!

I think he might be talking about a smash bros game that can go online without requiring an account for something like a Nintendo account