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Full Version: Super Crown Land - Starring Bowsette
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[Image: logo_scl.png]

Why kidnap the princess when you can become the princess? With the power of the Super Crown, anyone can become one, including Bowser! However, not everyone in the Koopa Kingdom thinks this is a good idea. It is now up to Bowsette to put an end to this rebellion, and reunite the Koopa Kingdom under the rule of their new princess!

[Image: scl1.png]

[Image: scl2.png]

[Image: scl3.png]

It looks great, the shading and environnement themes are lovely! I hope to test it soon.
Maybe other platforms will be available in the near future for your games?
Super Crown Land has arrived at SAGE 2020 with a brand new update! You can now play as Infinite! It's time for him to show that he's NOT WEAK!