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Full Version: Making a fangame called Dokitale. (UT and DDLC) Any thoughts?
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So, i'm making an Undertale fangame with a team i made.  The team is called Team Literature.  I'm not sure if AU'S are allowed on this segment, but i'm doing this anyways.  I have a few ideas for the game if you're interested in posting a few as well.  The game consists of several references and characters from books, manga, etc.  So, with that said, let's get the basic role/character personalities/other basic stuff down.

Monika- Sans
Natsuki- Papyrus
Yuri- Undyne (Ironically)
Sayori- Toriel (UNironically)
Me- Annoying Dog/Original Role
Sans- Original Role (Cameo?)
Papyrus- Original Role (Cameo?)
Dan Salvato- Asgore/Original Role
Undyne- Original Role (Dead, Mentioned)
Sebastion/The Cat (Coraline)- Flowey (Somewhat Ironic)
☝✌?❄☜☼- ☝✌?❄☜☼
All other roles are taken by original/other characters, in which i haven't figured most of them out yet.

Personalities are shown here:


MC- His personality, like Frisk's, is determined by the player's actions.

Monika- Still the same as in DDLC, but has a pinch of Sans' laziness.  She compromises with that by helping as much as possible.  She still is the president of the Literature Club, still aware of the 4th Wall, can teleport and take 'shortcuts' like Sans can (but to a degree), and has a Bad Time Eye like Sans (but it's green).  She turns MC's SOUL color to green.  She also still likes helping others with their poems.  She doesn't have a manipulative nature, since she also has Sans' knowledge of the timelines.  She knows there is no happy ending, and that she can't make one, so she isn't doing anything to manipulate her way to one.  She also doesn't have her [DATA EXPUNGED] abilities either, so she can't [REDACTED] anyone.  She also [REDACTED] in [REDACTED] instead of Natsuki if you play through a Monika minigame before MC fights Natsuki and get a time of [DATA EXPUNGED] seconds.  She gives you a Poetic Time in Dokitale's Genocide Route, and she still has a BIT of a crush on MC.  A BIT. However, that can change in the True Pacifist Route if you choose her as your love at the end of the route.

Natsuki- Still the same as in DDLC.  However, she aims to train MC in hopes of helping him to get back home (reluctantly).  She uses a 'pink attack', which is similar to Papyrus' blue attack, hence the color change to pink instead of blue.  She has Papyrus' knack of not killing MC, and instead of putting him in a shed, she puts him to rest in a separate room in her house (supposedly Monika's room).  She also wanted to join the royal guard like Papyrus does.  However, she didn't feel like she wanted to anymore, judging the responsibility of the members of the guard.  She still likes to bake cupcakes and still has her sour attitude at times.  She also appears in a variation of [REDACTED], as mentioned above.  She has met Papyrus in a baking competition once, and she aims to get Papyrus' cooking up to 'tip top shape' before he can go back into one of those. She also gets to actually USE her special attack in Genocide, which is [REDACTED].

Yuri- Still the same as in DDLC, but with the training and Determination as Undyne.  She never wants to hurt anybody, but she knows that her duties come before herself.  She uses purple knives and changes MC's SOUL color to purple. She still likes making tea and teasing Natsuki sometimes.  She also reprises her timid personality trait, and often gets embarrased, like in DDLC.  Her yandere qualities rarely show.  The only time she shows this is in her date, when she gets so Yandere-ish that she manages to burn up her house like Undyne did just to get MC's affection.  She eventually snaps out of it when she sees her house burning.  She has an Undying form like Undyne, and is wracked in Disbelief as she was struck down and when she fights MC in the Genocide Route.

Sayori- Still the same as in DDLC, but has more of a loving feeling for MC, since she is technically the caretaker.  She does come out sometimes, unlike Tori.  She is still the vice president of the Literature Club, and she has met Papyrus and Sans before.  Her depression shows in battle when MC wants to leave the Fallen School (Idk what else to call the Underground), and she explains such before, during, and after the battle.

Sebastion- He's still the same as in Coraline. He tries to help MC get back home, as he also longs to go back. He turns into a god and fights MC not for evil, but as a result of a corruption from a mysterious entity. Once MC wins, he regains control, admits defeat, and asks MC to kill him for his own sake. If so, he congratulates him. If not, he realizes that he still has hope left in him, and joins MC's journey back home.


Papyrus- Still the same as in Undertale. Recalls the time when he met Natsuki, and even says that she reminds him of himself, only with an attitude like Undyne. He makes a few callbacks to Undyne and her Genocide fight in Undertale, as her Undying armor is broken. It's shown as a memorial to Undyne and her heroism against a hostile human. That human killed Undyne in [REDACTED], and Papyrus remembers every bit of it.

Sans- He's still the same as in Undertale, but he has a unique battle, unlike his normal version. He no longer gives you a Bad Time (through playing the game under NORMAL means). Instead, he was too lazy to think of a clever name for it.

Undyne- Was still the same as in Undertale. She's dead, due to a mixup in the game's code. The code adapted to the missing appearance of Undyne quickly, which proves that it is [REDACTED] by a [DATA EXPUNGED].

☝✌?❄☜☼- He is still the same as in [REDACTED], only he made Dokitale as an experiment alongside [DATA EXPUNGED]. The redacted information can be found on Entry Number 1X, located in a secret room located in [REDACTED].

Other things are yet to be announced.  Tune in for more, or tell me about your ideas for the AU! You can also share other feedback too!