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Full Version: Doug and Rugrats Nintendo / NES sprites
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Last ones for a while. I need a break. Credit to here for the Donkey Kong and Rogot Gyromite sprites used as bases. Credit to for the Doug logo.


[Image: rugrats-nes.png]
Finished this up today. Would love to see a Robot Gyromite hack of Doug. Stop the Nematodes from eating Mr. Swirley's ice cream!


[Image: doug-game.png]
And some possible title screens:

[Image: doug-title-screen.png]
Cool! Nice work! I especially love the Angelica Kong sprite. XD
I watched Doug a lot when I was younger and I just got it and Rugrats on dvd some time ago... I should go watch them some time.
Haha, thanks. I thought I was the only one who still watched the old Rugrats and Doug episodes. Got the idea for the Doug game from the episode "Door to Door" where he sells the "booster bars." The Nematode was based off of the episode called "Doug's got no gift" when he spends all of his money on the video game trying to bag the Nematode. I watch those all the time with my wife. The first 3 seasons of Rugrats were the shiz-nit.
I love old cartoons and am attempting to make my own animated film. I only have seasons 1-4 of the rugrats, though.
That would be interesting to see, when it's finished. Seasons 1-3 were the only good ones though. I wouldn't waste money on the other discs, it was a different show after the 3rd season.