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Full Version: Knuckles Mario Maker Style (WIP)
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Well, this is the first thread I make and well I want to share the progress of my next sheet for Knuckles Custom and well, here is the first sprite that looks decent, I'm not really good with shading but it doesn't look too bad  Big Grin

Knuckles with the Sonic 3&K Pallete and Mario Custom Pallete
Update: More of the sprites are done and ready to go!  Wink

I just need to line them up, and name each sprite their corresponding names, And i need to finish the swimming sprite.

(Also changed knuckles design a bit, so now it shouldn't look just like a recolor)


(Also, I'm thinking of making a reference to Knuckles Chaotix in the pose sprite, that's why there is a ring there)

I forgot to mention this:
That weird sprite in the right corner, it was just a test of color (you know from the color limitations on old consoles)