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Full Version: Hellraiser Nintendo / NES Sprites
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Just started this today. Would love to see a hack of Nightmare on Elm Street. I found these pics of the Hellraiser screens on the internet and used the sprites on this site to make Kristy (the girl in white).



[Image: hellraiser-nes.png]
And it's finished! Well the characters at least. I may go back and edit one of the backgrounds to try and make it look like the attic from the first movie. Thanks for the views.
One last update, had to add the ending and replaced the knives in Nightmare on Elm Street with the switchblade from Hellraiser.

[Image: hellraiser-nes-ending.png]

* "Freddy's coming!" is replaced with "Welcome to Hell!"
* The radio is replaced with the Puzzle Box
* The hand on the player select screen is also replaced with the Puzzle Box

Thanks to:

For the Puzzle box sprite.


Just for fun, did some recolors to make it look more like the movie. I know that sometimes, with the way games are programmed, it's not possible to get all of the right colors though.

[Image: hellraiser-recolors.png]