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Full Version: 15 or 16 years later
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Hey there, I'm pretty old I guess. I've been around this place since it's previous iterations back in '04 or '05. I'm not even sure if anyone I know still comes around, those that I kept in contact with from here I see on facebook and IRL from time to time. But I was chatting with some of those guys and felt a little nostalgic. Because of that chat I decided to dust off the old gloves for the first time in almost a decade, hell maybe even over a decade, and place some pixels down in mspaint. This was a very rough doodle done over my lunch at the office, but I do think I'll keep tinkering with it off and over the next few weeks while I'm on lunch. 

Any suggestions on what to fix? I'm sure there's a lot wrong, it's been a very long time. Be blunt and let's see if we can make this something neat!

[Image: Wvmg9Vq.png]
Holy cow. Welcome back!
I don't come here anymore but upon reading your post, I want to make sure you'll have something new to read, especially after feeling nostalgic.

I would tone down the white speculars personally, either by removing them or using a lither red to match the skin.

I don't think I'll keep posting here because I've basically moved on, but I felt this compassion and had to share it with you.
I agree with Gors about the white, its just a couple of pixels but its pretty distracting to the eye, otherwise not much else to comment on, the neck and shoulders seem very "blobby" but they are minimal detail so it cant really be helped, i feel any attempt to fix that may make them overdetailed.