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Full Version: Cruiziler LX Mod
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So I was bored and messing around with the Cruiziler Sprite from Mega Man X, and really didnt like how small the ship was, it felt to chaotic with how everything was squeezed into its small frame, so with a bit of work, I enlarged the size of the main hull, "control hub" area, and weapon systems to give it a more Battleship style look.
Also didnt really understand the extra engine only on one side of its belly, so I completely removed it from the design to give it more streamlined appearance along its main hull as well as completely redesign the front "floppers" to make them more like water wings, to direct the ship rise and fall through the water.
The turret was an flame turret from one of the levels, but the barrel was enlarged to make it more a mega blaster turret to shoot its own "lemons".
Feedback is always welcome.

[Image: mfaSOhw.png]

I posted this on reddit, and got a few upvotes so I thought i'd share it on here too.
I would say the main problem with this is its very obviously just been stretched. It works as a simple platform, but when it comes to Megaman X, look at the original. It is quite busy, not overly busy, but there isn't a part you look at it and think "That's just one solid chunk of colour right there." The issue with extending things like this is you need to have an idea of what the extended parts would look like, give it small details such as vents or lights etc.

With this though, i think it would be difficult to make it much longer than the initial design without making it look overly simple or overly busy. They probably went through a few designs in order to get this just so.

I would recommend moving onto something original to polish your skills, as things like this unfortunately wont test you and help you to improve, although, they are good for loosening the gears and getting back into the spriting game Smile

So, whilt i dont think this is bad, i just feel there isn't much you could have done with it in the first place and thats why it has and obvious look of just stretching out a sprite.