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Full Version: Crash Bandicoot Retro Hijinx (fangame)
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Activision is still horribly unsuccesful with recovering Crash Bandicoot-franchise and providing us a GENUINE Crash-experience, so it's up to us fans to do it. At least I'm willing to do it with my new fangame, Crash Bandicoot Retro Hijinx, made with Unity.

It's yet in pre-alpha state, but it'll guarantee a lot.

Story synopsis: Undecided. I take suggestions.

  • The good ol' prank-filled formula: Linear levels, crate challenge, crystals, time trials, lab assistants, anything you would expect from your favorite Bandicoot
  • 30 action-filled levels set in where no bandicoot has gone before including savannah, Nordic forests, swaps and logging sites, featuring enemies like none before
  • Crash has all of his signature abilities and characteristics
  • Fully playable Coco is back, but appropriately implemented this time
  • Low-poly aesthetics that not only pay homage to your favorite PS1 trilogy, but also ensure smooth unlaggy gameplay even in lower specs! No need to waste money to pointless super computer
  • Master seven neat vehicles from good ol’ jet board to whole new snow mob

Progress update:

If you appear to be a Unity-programmer and are interested to help me somehow, please leave a reply

Crash Bandicoot and related content courtesy of Activision
New progress update:

And now I'm looking for unpaid Unity-expert who can make a working check point system to this game. I managed to make check point move Crash's starting point, but following things must be saved too, so that they can be restored after Crash dies:
- Crate numerator
- Crates that aren't broken yet and their positions
- Enemies, their positions and their existances

There'll be more later on, but these at very least. If anybody's willing to help, send a reply here or contact me via
Are there no Unity-programmers in these forums?
If anybody here knows any free pre-made checkpoint/saving scripts for Unity, please speak up
Good news! Two people finally guided me through the check pointing problem and the project is back on track again!

However, Crash's movement needs some polishing. Especially belly flop. If anybody with Unity is willing to help, please let me know
New progress update:

This time things look even more promising. Fixed belly flop, functional check pointing, chain reactions between explosives and appropriate text formatting. Life is good and so are Unity and Unity-experts that helped me out so far!

Man, if I trusted Unity in very first place, I might've gotten this fangame finished by last year at least.

Next up
- Switch crate and outline boxes
- Slot box
- Life crate
- Color gems
- Invincibility
Then I can begin to make the first level and implement bonus rounds, camera movement, warp pads and enemies.

Also, I still failed to fix gravity and jump force. Unless you use Unity and know how to make jumps and falling faster, you may have to get used to it. If you're a Unity-user and would like to help with Crash Retro Hijinx some other way, feel free to join the project.

I also opened a sanctuary for all fans of classic Crash that are left, to improve resistance against Activision's Trash and keep Crash's legacy safe:

PS. Watch out your ears after Crash jumps on Nitro detonator

It's about time to bring a progress update here as well. I believe my template is finally in state that I can begin making the first level for Crash Retro Hijinx. And while I'm at it, I'll accomplish the ?-crate, camera movement, bonus platform, goal point, enemies and some more death animations. The rest, like bazooka and death tornado, I'll leave for later, since they're not too necessary this early.

The pause menu you see here is a demo-exclusive placeholder. I also fixed the physics. If everything goes well, I may get the first demo released in January or February 2021.
[Image: mruq5uui8d561.png?width=1017&format=png&...f6e2b1922b]

As I promised before, Crash Bandicoot Retro Hijinx's levels will be set in locations not featured in any official Crash game yet. Starting from African savanna, where Crash will come across scorpions, lions, buzzards and good ol' lab assistants (One hiding behind bush in the screenshot above, if you're wondering. I haven't programmed it yet, but I will), this time dressed as huntsmen with rifles. Other considered environments include Nordic forests, logging sites and factory.

The savanna level the screenshot is from is planned to be the first level in the game, so don't expect it be too difficult.

I also considered buzzards, but I need a buzzard model from The Wrath of Cortex. As well as Crash's mech suit. Could anybody please rip those?