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Full Version: Rivals of Aether Mod Character
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Rivals of Aether has Steam Workshop now where you can create custom characters. It's like a dream come true for anyone whose wanted to make a custom Smash Bros character. I made Halberd for TFR (you can check him out here) and this is like the next level of that, since it includes creating your own code and hitboxes.
This is the character I'm currently developing to put into the game.

Smug Fox Vil.
[Image: 7c3UBJi.gif]
Here's a smug fox crouch animation.
[Image: aSMiG8C.gif]
Smug fox whistles and walks.
[Image: OQkBdfD.gif]
Smug fox scampers.
[Image: G7EjKXd.gif]
also him in game
[Image: WmvXxpM.gif]
Vil has Simon down air.
[Image: M77b2hq.gif]

In game.
[Image: QbRPQYY.gif]
(02-08-2020, 04:54 PM)Squali Wrote: [ -> ]
Vil has Simon down air.
[Image: M77b2hq.gif]
In game.
[Image: QbRPQYY.gif]

Tha animations are pretty fluid, looks great!
Imagine portals in smash bros. Vil's main gimmick. Still working out all the kinks. The sandbag is place holder art.
[Image: irWZFYU.gif]
Smug Fox Vil's back air animation complete.
               [Image: o8woVPf.gif]
[Image: q8gBenu.gif]
Quick teaser for Rivals of Aether.