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Full Version: Genesis3D file help
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I'm trying to extract the models from Dragon's Lair 3D, and for once in my lifeĀ I finally found the program that works with them, Genesis3D. The 3D models and their animations are all stored as .act files, and while I can view them just fine using Genesis3D's Actor Viewer, I can't find a way to actually export them into a different format.

Does anyone know how to export these kinds of models, or at least know any plugins for Blender or 3DS Max to import .act files?
Never mind, I've figured out how to decompile the models in Milkshape 3D. The model itself is a .bdy file while all the animations are .mot files.

Trouble is I can't save or export anything in the trial version of MS3D. Again, does anyone know of any .bdy Blender/3DS Max plugins? If not I can purchase a license (I can afford it, it's just I'm not sure I want to spend $35 on something I might not use beyond getting these models).