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Full Version: RPG Maker Captain N - High Quality 8-bit for All to Use!
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I've been trying to create a side game project for fun based on my vision for Captain N the old video game cartoon from the 80s as it had a great premise, but poor execution. I am going to post the graphics I make here for public use. The characters - keeping in spirit of the show - will have a unique design to them BUT they will ultimately be recognizable. Don't worry, I'm still planning on working on the SatAM/Archie stuff. I just haven't made much time for it at the moment.

I will be posting as I make them.



[Image: captainn.png]

Super Mario-

[Image: marioobj.png]


Super Mario-

[Image: birdo.png][Image: snapjaw.png][Image: nitpicker.png][Image: chill.gif][Image: goomba.png][Image: buzzybeetle.png][Image: boodiddly.png]

Legend of Zelda-

[Image: jermafencer.png][Image: gooma.png][Image: mago.png][Image: wizzrobe.png][Image: wizzrobeblue.png][Image: zol.png][Image: tektite.png][Image: armos.png]


[Image: lopunny.png]


[Image: kraid.png][Image: nightmare.png][Image: metroid.png]

Mega Man-

[Image: iceman.png][Image: bombman.png]

Final Fantasy-

[Image: malboro.png]


[Image: gomander.png][Image: dobkeratops.png]

Chrono Trigger-

[Image: alien.png]



[Image: brinstar01.png]

Battle of Olympus-

[Image: 8bitarcadia.png]


Legend of Zelda-

[Image: Image5.png]


Super Mario-
[Image: yoshi.png]

Added the alien enemy from chrono trigger. Redesigned to be very feminine.
Anyway, I am open for requests for this project only, but there are certain rules to be followed when requesting:

1. Character/tileset/etc must be from the 80s and 90s era of gaming. This includes nes, snes, gb, and n64.
2. Must have appeared on a Nintendo console. This IS Captain N after all.
3. No licensed games. Wombat Man was made as an expy of Batman for a reason, so I'm following the show's rules.
4. If you want a modern day character, I have an exception to rule 1 for you. If the series STARTED in the 80s and 90s, anything in that series after those decades are still allowed. But, sadly, series like Golden Sun aren't permitted.
5. Japanese exclusive series ARE ALLOWED!

Added note: Just be wary, I tend to add my own unique spin to each character's design to keep the game stuff unique and fresh and in the spirit of the show, but they will be recognizable at least.
Added R-Type's Dobkeratops boss.
Added Mario Objects under charsets.
Added Jermafencer/Helmethead to the roster from Zelda II. I know I said I would keep characters recognizable, but Helmethead's design was so generic, something had to be done. Based on my brother Merlin's design.
Added Gooma.
Added Ice Man. Smallest guy so far!
These are lovely! You're really using those palettes well.
Thanks, man! Doing my best!

Just added Mago, Wizzrobe Red, Wizzrobe Blue, and Zol to the list.

Armos and Tektite ho!
This backdrop feels lazy. I may update it later, but I've added a backdrop from Battle of Olympus. Arcadia.
Added a Brinstar (version 1) battle backdrop!
Added Metroid Fusion's Nightmare. (Remember the exception to rule 1).
Added Birdo.
Added a picture of Yoshi. He is to appear at the end of a battle with Birdo. He can't be targetted and he's fixed in a large space so that you don't have to fuss with x and y axes.
Added Lopunny, Metroid, and Malboro to the monsters section.

I cheated a bit and repurposed my old Metroid sprite from the 2ST project as I can't think of a good redesign for them and it was just laying around doing nothing so...
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