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Full Version: [Pixel Art] help needed on hobbyist retro arcade port
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I need help from pixel Artists / Rippers on a port of 1987 Capcom's Black Tiger/Dragon for NeoGeo and others retro platforms.
What tasks are needed:
phase 1: (original setup)
- ripping of the original arcade sprites
- re-coloring of sprites and tiles  on a NeoGeo constraints basis (more colors available but tile based)
- map editing (mainly entity posing and collisions)
phase 2 (extended setup)
- new sprites and maps designs and so on and so forth.
For all of this custom engine and tools of my own are used.

As far as the project is for hobby *only* and as it is a tribute to this great game, money is out of concern here,
Just to be clear about it ; once finished the project roms and binaries will be distributed freely into the wild.
Please also note that this is *not* an open source project though.
That's it, everyone that can handle any of the listed tasks can participate!
Let me know,


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