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Full Version: I need hackers
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Hi,I Am serching for hackers who want to help me to create a hack rom for tloz link to the past.
The history del hack is it:Link wil go to the santuaries and find the 3 escenses of time past,present and future.To defead Cronica and save hyrure.
Please send me message in Whatsapp the people who want to teach me how to do a hack rom.
My cellphone number is [REMOVED]
Don't include your phone number in a forum post unless you're asking for trouble.
(09-25-2019, 12:17 PM)Kramlack Wrote: [ -> ]Don't include your phone number in a forum post unless you're asking for trouble.

At least they're safe from me. No country code, and I don't know where they use 8-digit phone numbers.
Best stick to using one account in a thread. Gets kind of confusing otherwise.

But at this point I'm not clear what you're asking for. Are you looking to rip sprites/sounds, modify sprites/sounds...? Ripping from SNES can be time-consuming. Modifying SNES ROMs is certainly possible, but again will take time. If you want to actually change the behaviour of a game (so more than sprite/palette/text swaps), that usually requires an understanding of reverse-engineering and writing low-level code, and isn't really feasible for most people.
Okay, if you're looking to rip sprites from the SNES era, you're probably stuck ripping by taking screenshots or using tile viewers.

For sounds, you may also be stuck simply recording the game's audio using an emulator - sound test screens can be very helpfil - but if you are interested in any sound samples from a game, such as speech, check our SNESSOR. It may require DOSBox to run.
Muchas gracias por responder a mi mensaje tomaré en cuenta lo que me dijieron y ante todo eso mejor decidí hacer un fangame con game maker studio.??