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Full Version: Altered Beast [Fan Game]
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This is my new game I'm developing "Altered Beast" a game of adventure, platform and action, tells the story of a girl daughter of Zeus who is kidnapped by a wizard named Neff, then Zeus gives you life and rescue mission there on the way you will have many challenges.

The versions to play will be for online Web, Mobile, Windows, Mac, Linux

This is a project of Altered Beast Fan game for those who enjoy the game if you like to leave Like and share with your friends.


Attack with the Keys, Z and X

Jump with the key, Directional arrow up

Special with the Key, A

Ways to play

Classic version of the game edited

Hardest Mode Changed

Well it took a little bit but it is already ready to play in the "Classic" version remembering that is not the end is still missing a lot I intend to add other modes to play type "Battle" where you will duel with epic masters that are in the game and other different German is clear again with different levels, the game is in GameJolt you can play a tip if you are logged in and your score will be visible to everyone, remembering this is the version to play online the other versions that I promised for PC, Mac.Linux post when I finish all the development of the game because my net is not very good to upload the files, the project is recent if they find any bug please let me know to fix. if I like the personal game, leave it like it and follow the game helps me a lot

let's play

[Image: AT2.gif]

Att 08/13/2019

#fangame #arcade #platformer
Looks promising, there are a Metroid feel that I quite like
(08-15-2019, 02:12 PM)iyenal Wrote: [ -> ]Looks promising, there are a Metroid feel that I quite like
Yes the project is almost finished
[Image: AT3.gif]
Hey guys beauty, as promised the development of the game is complete, it took a while because only I was developing the game and testing for bugs and everything, but as promised is ready to play online and also download for Windows Linux and Mac OS 32 and 64 BITS and also the game has support for GamePad

Let's play
[Image: AT6.gif]