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Full Version: Our retro-style pixel art game Escape Lala 2
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Hey guys!
After a long year of development we are happy to finally release the second part of our Retro Point and Click Adventure games series, Escape Lala 2 Smile

It is full of charming handcrafted pixel-art graphics, and it contains puzzles with magical twists that take inspiration from classic point-and-click adventure games.

If you enjoy it and the art, it would mean the word to us if you'd leave a review ❤
Please enjoy our game and tell us what you think of it!

And to the topic, here are some screenshots:
[Image: ICHObnE.png]

Escape Lala 2 is available on App Store, Google Play and Steam:

And now the first Escape Lala is available for free!
Point And Clicks really aren't my thing but I do like the pixel art. Does feel very Windows 98.