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Full Version: Huge Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Records rip dump!
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So a friend of mine and I have been working on ripping the models from an iOS/Android game based on the anime/manga Jojo's Bizarre Adventure called Diamond Records. The game features content from the story segments of Jojo that have an anime adaption, which are parts 1-5. The game updates itself regularly with new characters, so expect to see more rips here later (note: the game is currently behind on the anime in terms of characters, so there are a few fan favorites that are currently absent unfortunately). So far we have accumulated about 104 character models and 55 stand models which is almost every character/stand that appears in the game. There are only a few in-game characters that have yet to be ripped, such as the civilian nurse and a couple generic zombies. I currently do not have an account on the game with the characters that summon these other characters, so I do not have a way to to rip them at the moment. Props, weapons, and other models are still a work in progress.

Another note, a couple models need re-rips done to get the full quality versions of their textures, those would be Yoshihiro Kira and Pearl Jam. Purple Haze is also missing part of it's model, so that needs to be re-ripped as well. 

All the models we have ripped so far are available on this Google Drive folder, as well as pending review over on the Models Resource. It will be updated regularly with characters added to the game as well as various misc prop/weapon rips. Feel free to use them at your leisure, just make sure to give credit to The Great Walujski and Yofigi if you do.
Aw man, those are so cool. Great job ripping them!
Bravo sir

I attempted to rip them with skeletons using Prefare Asset Studio but there is some kind of encryption on the files.
(08-08-2019, 02:07 PM)09williamsad Wrote: [ -> ]Bravo sir

I attempted to rip them with skeletons using Prefare Asset Studio but there is some kind of encryption on the files.

Yeah only a few specific kinds of models will show up in asset explorers for some reason, a majority of them I had to manually force into t-pose in-game by messing with animation files and then ripping them via Ninja Ripper. Unfortunately skeletons aren't attainable at the moment, I'm sure it's possible to get them but I don't know of any way to decrypt the files


Also, here are a few new rips of models that have been added to the game since my last post

GER is finally in the game fuck yee
(08-23-2019, 10:33 AM)Cyn Wrote: [ -> ]GER is finally in the game fuck yee


and they also added the models for the last of the missing La Squadra members!

with the announcement that the game is shutting down in November, I am going to attempt to rip every last model the game has by then, as well as any new content in the off chance that they add characters and stuff that were previously unreleased during the game's sendoff events.
I'm curious, any luck on getting the audio files, like sfx and voice files?