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Full Version: Vloxelworld: The first game made by RPG in a Box
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Vloxelworld is a First Person RPG game, with graphics of voxels. This game is the first to be developed by the motor RPG in a Box (If you are interested in this game engine made with Godot by Justin Arnold, visit the link on the Steam page for more information

[Image: Vloxelworld_cover_platforms.png]

The reason why this game is the first made in RPG in a Box, is that I went ahead in its development, when it was in their alpha version v0.0.8 in February 2016, I started to develop the project, and as the engine received updates, I followed its steps to update the game at the same time and testing his new functions and development tools.

[Image: Vloxelworld_graphic_evolution.png]

Until the moment of the publication of this thread, the game is in "Pre-Beta" 0.7 version for PC/Mac or Linux.

Download Links: