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Full Version: Star Wars - The Force Unleashed Model Thread
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I should have posted this earlier, but here are my current rips of models from both Star Wars The Force Unleashed 1 and 2. Credits to Corra_Ashu/Clonetrooper163 on Twitter/Discord for giving me a Noesis plugin to rip the models and for sending me them in raw format so I can convert them myself. Anyways, this isn't ALL the models, its most, but not all. Don't think maps are possible, least I don't think so. Welp, sometime I will get around to converting the rest that I haven't uploaded yet. There aren't many that left to be converted thankfully, oh, and I should inform you that I sent these assets to El_Fabricio/the_legend whose making the Star Wars Battlefront III Legacy mod for Star Wars Battlefront II 2005 Classic.