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Full Version: Pineapple's Pixel Gallery
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Welcome to my pixel gallery, folks!

I'll be posting my pixel works here time to time, be it finished, WIP, dumps, the such.
Here are some in no patricular order ranging from 2017-2019…

Sprite Remakes

[Image: Boogerman.png]

LISA's Brad
[Image: RemadeBrad.png]

Obake ghost and enemy character
[Image: SomeSprites.png]

Pixel Art

Early Gameboy mock-up attempt (too many broken lines oh god)
[Image: BouncinBeeTitleMockUpAlpha2.png]

[Image: kirlia010419.png]

Mad pineapple icon
[Image: PIIINNNNEEE4x4.png]

Original Sprites

Undertale style attempt - Sphynx Cat
[Image: UnusedSphinxCat.png]

Diggersby in Generation 4/5 style
[Image: Diggersby.png]

Jackhammer Punk and his Mad Dog
[Image: JackhammerPunkAndHisMadDog.png]

Frantic Business Lady
[Image: WorkerLadyThing.png]


Kirlia animation edit
[Image: KirliaIdle.gif]

[Image: ReduxPBalloon5x.gif]

Original alien dude in Pizza Tower style
[Image: AlienIdle.gif][Image: AlienDance.gif]

Feedback/critiques to any of my work are appreciated! I'm always open to learn in improving my pixeling.
These are all really great!
I especially like the Pizza Tower one (glad to see more love towards that indie game).
Keep up the good work!
Amazing animations there, really not much to say for critique since everything is on point. Looking forward to more!
Semi-old Princess Bubblegum sprite I whipped up.
[Image: PBsprite.png]
Here's a process/color alt bonus to go alongside.
[Image: PBspriteprocess.png]
These are really amazing! The construction guy/dog/business lady remind me of Earthbound enemies. I'm really impressed by the ghost and P-balloon enemies. They look so round!
Sprite remake of that lady from Nintendo's Dance Aerobics. Also an excuse to work with expressions.
[Image: DanceLadyNESRemake.gif]
It's an improvement over the original. Also, the lewd face though. XD
More pixel originals ahoy.

Background attempt:

[Image: ForestScenery.png]

Take at low res-animation animation:

[Image: VolleyGalTributeNoTransparency.gif]
Great job! That running animation is super smooth!
New pixels ahoy!

Chess Meal projects

[Image: ChessMealIcon1x1.png]

[Image: ChessMealBanner.png]


[Image: HollyIdleeBIGGER.gif]

[Image: HollySparkleBIGGER.gif]

[Image: MysteryMidget.png]