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Full Version: Claus's Journey: A Mother 3 Hack
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So, awhile back (about a year ago), I made a Mother 3 hack which involved swapping Lucas and Claus's roles in the story, making Claus the main protagonist and character you control throughout the story. While Mother 3 is limited in hacking and you can't change story flags, I *was* able to alter most of the text to better reflect Claus's different personality and character arc, making the story still very distinct and a fresh way to experience and enjoy Mother 3, especially to people that go out of their way to inspect new objects and talk to all the NPCs to see Claus's thoughts and reactions to them.

I also made multiple versions of the hack that have gameplay differences to further spice up the experience. There's the Normal version, where the only gameplay difference is Claus learns PK Thunder and Kumatora does not (I did it for cheeky lore reasons). There's the Moveswap Version, where the gameplay difference is Kumatora learns all of the Healing/Buffing PSI, while Claus gets all the offensive and debuffing PSI. And then there's the Combined PSI version which I consider the "canon" version, where Kumatora and Claus get an equal share of both Offensive and Defensive PSI similar to Poo and Paula from Earthbound. (I recommend Hard Mode for this version since having 2 PSI Attackers makes the game relatively easier, and you can really go all out with them on the Harder Difficulty. You just have to name the player "HARD MODE" to activate this.)

The reason I'm making this thread is because I'm in the middle of updating the hack with version 1.04, where I fix a small dungeon in the game that has the text not correctly changed to reflect Claus's thoughts like it should've been in the final version of the hack (that text got accidentally deleted on my computer and I'm in the process of recreating it). I'm also adding in a bonus gameplay alteration, where the infamous Porky Statue Boss will now be able to be fought normally (as in he has a more doable amount of HP rather than the 10 million HP he had prior) as a really challenging super boss that'll give you a reward of Lucas or Kumatora's Ultimate weapon! (And don't worry if you already grinded for these weapons, I made it so you can sell them for a lot of DP if you've already gotten them as a replacement reward.)

I hope you guys look forward to the updated hack, and if not, you can always play the current version that is out now! I'll post some pictures below of what you can expect in the hack, as well as provide the patches so you can play it for yourselves! (NOTE: You have to patch a ROM that's been patched with the 1.2 English Translation to play the game, NOT The original Japanese version. If you need help with this, PM me for details and I'll be happy to help out!)

EDIT: For some odd reason I can't attach the Patch Files or Screenshots to my post, so instead I'll post a link where you can download the patches from and see the screenshots. Here you go!
Annnnnnd it's up!

V1.04 is a go! Hope you guys enjoy!