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Full Version: PetoMico's Sprite Gallery
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Hi all, welcome to my sprite gallery! I have some old and new sprites to share, but I will post them in due time. Other than that, I'll show off some sprites I did back in last year and 2 years ago.
EDIT: Messed around with the colors on my SMM style Solid Snake  sprites a bit more for it to not get lost on some colored BGS. Idk I'm probably color blind now.

Hope you guys enjoy my sprites and I'll be posting more soon. Feedback is also appreciated.
Pumpkinhead Yoshi looks really good, but what;s up with Yoshizilla?

Spyro sprite is good, too.
Honestly, I don't really have a lot to say here. These sprites look great! I'm especially a fan of how those Yoshi sprites look.
Thanks, y'all!

@Grounder I wanted to give Yoshi a dinosaur form, cuz why not?

I made three sprites a few weeks ago. They were for a challenge I tried out to make myself productive. This style has some Cave Story vibes since it first popped into my head by the time I start spriting characters with no-outline:
[Image: D8RRNih.png]
[Image: LrI3p0U.png]
[Image: srNeo7W.png]

To those who haven't read my introduction thread yet, I wanted to confirm that EnteiTH (EnteiTheHedgehog) was my former name and I had it when I made an account on Deviantart back in 2011, so you may see a logo I did on some spritework posts. More pixels from a year ago or a few years again:
Geno? Lucca? I'm in. Awesome work!
I'm still alive. I was busy with college; however, my three and a half months of vacation just started, While I was away after I've finished with my papers for school, I did some more pixels during the weekends.
[Image: SXROxIa.gif]
DK (Arcade) with his running sequence from '94 for the Gameboy.
Credit: Deathbringer
[Image: Ul2pm5A.png]
Some DK '94 style sprites.
Credit: A.J. Nitro
[Image: wiHYc8y.png]
Luigi in DK Arcade style.
Credit: Deathbringer
[Image: xSWLiWq.png]
Trash Man from 94' in DK Arcade style.
Credit: Deathbringer, A.J. Nitro
[Image: cSer4yo.png]
A Shovel Knight sprite I did days ago. I just finished it 2 days ago and felt like showing it to you guys. The proportions are based out of Super Smash Bros Ultimate's version.
All of these are great! Always cool to see more attention towards DK '94
These are awesome. I really love that DK expansion.
Thank you guys for the comments! Having to read them really encouraged me to keep going with spriting retro stuff nowadays. Now onward to stuff I haven't showed yet.

[Image: RrwTCp9.png] More updates on the sheet. Just gotta add one more thing and I'll update the sheet on the main site again, but I'll wait until next week.
UPDATE: Added SMB Peach behind DK while holding her.
UPDATE 2: Cleaned up the barrel sprites because I was bothered by the prior version with a lighter outline outside the sprites.
UPDATE 3: Edited Donkey Kong's poses (throwing and shocked) and minor tweaks to the fire effects.
[Image: 4rWhucl.gif] SMB NES DK Running
[Image: 0rKTPJ7.gif] SMB NES DK running with the princess on his arms
Credit goes to: Polar Koala for SMB1 rips including Princess Toadstool/Peach
[Image: N2neKyp.png] DK '94 Style Mario baddies. I'll begin to add more Mario baddies when I'm not busy or lazy.
[Image: fz0VGdg.png] More Arcade DK Expansion updates coming your way! Only the swing frames are a WIP that should be worked on right away for my fangame.
Credit: 123Scratch
[Image: zLcpRwo.png]
Classic Donkey Kong in SMB All Stars (SMB SNES) style.
UPDATE: Added hair, but idk which one is accurate to the artwork. Voting is open on which one's the best.
Credit goes to: Toad Soadtool.

More stuff is coming, y'all so stay tuned! Feedback is also appreciated.
Hey everyone! Long time no see. Long story short because I can't talk long, but I've been inactive from here for a year ever since my college classes started and I haven't had time to sprite; last May, I decided once I finished my finals, I will go back to spriting again. In this case, I want to make sprite sheets for fan projects. rom hacks, and other things they can be used with. More importantly, I have to finish them before I start school again this August, so I can't wait until the last minute. I hope you guys will enjoy these new sprites I've finished (especially those that's not done yet, but oh well) and posting them here. Feedback/criticism is appreciated.

[Image: b5Szhxm.png]
My first sprite sheet done in 2020 but with a lot of updates

[Image: ZZaK7RC.png]
SMB3 style Banjo & Kazooie cast
Credit: Karate Cat

[Image: Dt99YdQ.png]
Did this Megaman Battle Network Gameboy Mockup a year ago or 2 years ago. I should make more mockups as they are fun to do.

WIP Sheets I'm currently working on.
Nice work! I thin kthe shading could use a bit of touching up on the 16-bit Banjo sprites, but the linework is great!