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Full Version: Alternate colors for Streets of Rage 2 characters
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Made these. Haven't sprited in a few months. The top left is the original:

[Image: Axel-colors.png]
Here are some for Max and Blaze, the first two Max ones were in the game, as was the first Blaze one:

[Image: max-and-blaze.png]
And last but not least, here's Skate. First two colors were in the game:

[Image: skate.png]
Made this just for fun. Remember the old cover from the first game?

[Image: axel-blaze-sor1-cover.png]

[Image: Streets_of_Rage_boxart.jpg]
Idk why, but felt like taking a shot at a SOR2 Mr. X portrait. Also, I edited the Blaze one to make her smile more and added the headband. Thanks for posting the original portraits on here, they came in handy:

[Image: sor-2-portraits.png]


made him look a little more evil:

[Image: evil-mr-x.png]
And here's Adam:

[Image: adam-sor2-portrait.png]