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Full Version: Attempt II
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As only about 15 or so of you remember, last year there was a debacle where I basically broke down and overreacted, and decided that I'd only put up things that I thought were particularly...decent. (If your mind just led you to a dark place, I mean the quality of the sprites.)

I've mostly stuck to my word; the only thing I've really put up out in public was a sheet of quasi-8-bit-style Metroid: Samus Returns hatches, and even those could have been improved upon.

But today, as I was working on a private project, (I've stopped going public with things I haven't done much on as well, since I tend to work on things for periods of time, then stop for a while and eventually go back to them,) I actually worked up some...decent...sprites. I checked to see if I'd made a new thread (after requesting the old one being locked because it had degenerated into meaningless arguing) but couldn't find such, so now that I've created some decent new sprites, I have created a thread for them.


Slightly extended version of the Doom Sword from the mobile port of Secret of Mana, with an angled up/down sprite ala the SNES version's and the alternate forms the Dainslef can take in Legend of Mana, sans the mace. Edited from both the original sheet and the SNES version's Doom Sword sheet, along with the 'shield' form being edited off of one of the shields from The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past.

The sprites used as bases were ripped by Davias, Maneko, and daemoth. As stated earlier, it's meant as an extension of the original Doom Sword sheet from the mobile version, hence it appearing so imcomplete.
It's been a while, hasn't it?

Well, some more sprites, this time based on the Mega Man series:


Edits of the 'Hanging Reploid' enemy from Xtreme 2 into armorless Vile and Maverick Hunter sprites. Vile's dashing sprite was edited from one of X's dashing frames, however.


Bass.exe (Edited from Mega Man 10) and Roll wearing Roll.exe's outfit (using Roll's head and Mega Man's body) from the Battle Network spin-off series.


Ooh, here's an old one: An edit of Xtreme X into Axl from X7 and X8. Idle (with/without wings), firing (using...the wrong weapon...), and jumping/flying. Aside from the firing sprite using a buster, something Axl doesn't have, the main flaw with these old edits is that the hair and wings aren't outlined properly and it makes them stick out from the rest of the sprite. Otherwise, it overall holds up decently. Also, more recently, an edit to the different model of Marine Bike that Rider Joes use, specifically a riderless sprite of it, and an edit of X's Xtreme 2 Second Armor idle frame to resemble the Falcon Armor from X5 and X6.
Edits of the hatches from the original Metroid, meant to resemble the hatches from Metroid: Samus Returns.