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Full Version: Super Bowsette
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[Image: wljnoy.png]

Hello, VGR! Super Bowsette is a platform game where you play as Bowsette. Here are a few screenshots:

[Image: uejiop.png]
[Image: fcqadq.png]
[Image: cwlrmb.png]
[Image: tdggsw.png]

The first beta comes with four complete levels and one secret course. It also comes with full source code.

Z - Run
X - Jump
C - Fire Breath
Enter - Pause
Alt+Enter - Fullscreen Mode page
Download Link
Feedback is more than welcome!
Thanks for sharing this game, looking to complete the FIFA series and then jump to this to have.
This game is similar to a game I am making called Bowsette: The Game. (Working Title) The game is going to be based on the original comic and Bowsette would be the main character, with mario as an unlockable.
Wow, this is an interesting idea Big Grin
I am quite confused to have this game over here, it's quite similar to the Mario one. I used to play this in my childhood.
Just so everyone knows, this is NOT a dead project...much progress has been made in terms of levels and power-ups.

It's more than half done at this point. Details will be shared at a later time.
[Image: 29ghyoedf3z21.png]
(05-19-2019, 10:10 AM)bowsette_game Wrote: [ -> ]WIP
[Image: 29ghyoedf3z21.png]

Very nice graphics, love the background!