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Full Version: Junkdogs - Cowboy Bebop inspired RPG
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[Image: Junkdogs-Teaser-Image630x500.png]

Scavenge the Universe for your Big Payday

Junkdogs is a 2D space adventure RPG that follows a cast of outlaw scavengers known as ‘junkdogs’, who make a living exploring and digging through objects abandoned in space. On a streak of bad luck after a mission gone wrong, the crew will have to do one more job in order to gain the means to pay off the bounty on their heads.

[Image: K2a9i5.gif]


-Explore an abandoned freighter
-Solve various puzzles
-Collect items to aid in your exploration
-Unique turn-based space battle system
-Original soundtrack of jazzy hip hop / electronic beats

[Image: u8IELCb.png]
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Indie Game Making Contest 2018:
Junkdogs was created in 1 month and is a contender for the IGMC 2018. I would love for you to try the demo out and leave a rating if you enjoyed the experience.

Available on PC, Mac, & Linux

I’d love to hear your feedback.
See ya, space outlaws!
I love the style! It reminds me of Galaxy on Fire, but a pixel version.
(12-05-2018, 01:46 PM)iyenal Wrote: [ -> ]I love the style! It reminds me of Galaxy on Fire, but a pixel version.

Thanks! Hopefully you will give the game a try Smile
"Cowboy Bebop Inspired"

Space Adventure RPG

"Jazzy hip-hop/electronic beats"

"I'm bored."

Say no more, I'm downloading this.
Just played it. Left a 5 star review. Loved it.
(12-08-2018, 08:40 PM)yesilovenachos Wrote: [ -> ]Just played it. Left a 5 star review. Loved it.

Thanks I really appreciate it. Also I saw your comments on the Itch page. Please shoot me an email if you'd seriously like to contribute to Junkdogs. Would love to talk to you about it.

sudobeats1 [at] gmail [dot] com
Hey, I am new here and I also like to play a game. One thing to get open is to introduce yourself well, I am Benito. I have never heard about this video game. I like playing an adventure video game so I definitely gonna try this one. But I don't whether this support or can be played on the PC itself. What other game are you guys playing?