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Full Version: 55 years since the assassination of JFK means the model dumping of JFK: Reloaded
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Yeah... I don't know why either.
Funny enough, the date is actually a coincidence. I didn't know it was the day of until looking up the names from the Wikipedia article.
This is not my first dump, but it is my first submission onto the website.

For some reason, only the women wouldn't dump correctly. The UVs never worked. So, I just ignored them for now. We have:
  • John F. Kennedy
  • John Connally
  • a random Police Officer
  • two random Secret Service members
For 2004, the models aren't absolutely terrible, but not great. No facial animations or flexing whatsoever. You play as Lee Harvey Oswald and the entirety of the gameplay is scoping in on JFK while he's in a moving motorcade, so these details can't be easily seen anyway. There's also a lot of detail to the pants and lower legs, something you can't really see when they're sitting down (especially the back legs)