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Full Version: Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded
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Need help ripping the BGM audio from the game. The file is called "bgm.snd" but I got no clue how to extract the audio files from that .snd extension.
Hello reddituser123! Would you mind attaching some of the files you're trying to extract?
Thanks in advance!
Sure, here's the file I'm trying to extract. The rest of the game files are in .spk, .cat, .mov, and .dat extensions if that helps figure out which engine the game is using. I don't think the rest of the files have anything to do with the BGM I want to extract though since the BGM file itself is ~390MB.
Alright, so I took a look at the file in HxD and I found the file had an "AQUA" header (in hex "41 51 55 41"). I've never seen this kind of format before, but I'm gonna assume that it's an encrypted format used by AQUASTYLE, who developed the game. I took a closer look at most of the data in the file, but I honestly couldn't interpret anything that might aid in the extraction of the BGM.

Also tried putting it through Puggsoy's Video Game Sound Converter, but the program threw an error.

Is there any sort of documentation within the files that may denote a certain sound library being used?
Not that I know of. Here's how the entire data directory looks like. The "default" folder is the entire game folder in Japanese language, the rest of the folders in "data" are just translations of the text to other languages.
Can you send in the file named "se.snd"? It seems like a more manageable size and could help lay a foundation for decoding the main BGM file.
Took a look at that one too, still couldn't figure it out. I'm a bit stumped to say the least...
Okay. Thanks for trying.
Here's the files I previously uploaded. - bgm.snd - se.snd

If you want to figure it out go ahead, but I found out they sold the OST as DLC and just got it that way.