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Full Version: 3D Character Animations/Halloween Animations
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Hello everyone, 

I hope this isn't against the rules, but I wanted to share a resource I found valuable. 

MoCap Online makes really high quality motion capture animation packs for a wide variety of platforms (Unity, Unreal, FBX, Cry Engine, etc.). They also have free demo and test packs so you can try before buying.  

They are having a Halloween sale, and all of their animations are 30% off. Plus, they have some great deals on scared, death, and zombie animation bundle packs to celebrate the holiday!

Here is the URL if you're interested:

I hope you guys find this valuable.
Thanks for getting known to us but I have seen some Halloween game for the small kids. But I found the movie only in 2D characters.
Thanks for telling us, I visited your link and really find good games and deals too, but I bought some Halloween games and stuff from Halloween coupon, because there deals were quite good, well definitely will buy something fro your store too.