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Full Version: Batman RPG Maker Sprites
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I have a bunch of custom Batman sprites that I made for RPG Maker MV and I never did anything with them. Is it alright if I posted them? I think they're pretty good and I never got to share them.
Are these sprite edits or made from scratch?

Thanks for sharing!
Yes they are mine.
So uhh, I recognize you may be new here but for future reference, general discussion isn't the pixel art section.

No need to make a new thread in that regard. Just something to keep in mind.

As for the sprites, maybe consider looking into researching anatomy and more references for Gordon? Right now I feel like you could be pushing his design to be more like Gordon and less like a generic cop.

Also I have no idea why you need that much empty space with shadows on your sheet at this point.
Sorry for the late reply. The empty spots are part of rpg maker they have to be there. but for the SR spritesheet I can clean them up.

I understand what you are saying but you don't know the context. This is Gordon's sprites for his rookie cop days. On his first day on the job he's the first officer on the scene of the Waynes murder.
Yes and that's fine and all that you want him to be in his rookie cop days.

But you could still benefit from references. Even with the context that doesn't invalidate the concerns I have with this particular sprite set.