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Full Version: Skelegant's custom sprites (sailor moon, mechs ect)
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I've been meaning to make an account here for years, better late than never I guess Big Grin

I used to make tons of sprites as a kid, a lot of which were Sailor Moon edits, so it's fitting that my first post should be sailor moon related lol
[Image: Yf2C5AS.png]
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R for the gameboy only featured the inner senshi as playable characters, so here's the rest of the gang in slightly dodgy pixellated monochrome form.

I hate how this sheet's laid out but here's a bunch of damaged vehicles from Front Mission: Gun Hazard
(right click and copy image to see full size)
[Image: qzbAGyU.png]
(Thanks to Arima for ripping the original sprites)

and here's a NES style Bowsette cuz why not lol
[Image: b2pzk6d.png]