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Full Version: zelda clone sprites (WIP)
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[Image: tumblr_pd2wvteKSF1ukkfd6o1_1280.png]
(not actual size)

this is something fun i started a few days ago. the colors are currently not accurate to 8-bit NES, but eventually i wanna make it look that way. i'm curious to start playing around with Zelda Classic and making my own quest. there's certainly a lot to learn about it but i *think* i can handle it lol. anyway, the first two columns are basic two-frame movement a la Zelda 1, the third is for a sword.

needs more contrast, looks like a red blob without details in 1x zoom.
Yeah the art itself is stellar but the palette needs work. I can barely make out what I'm looking at when zoomed to 100%
converted the colors to NTSC, and added more to her face. still quite a mess tho, so hit me with some more critique!

[Image: sheet_by_jiyako-dcjixj1.png]

     [Image: move_up_by_jiyako-dcjixj7.gif]
[Image: move_left_by_jiyako-dcjixjd.gif]      [Image: move_right_by_jiyako-dcjixja.gif]
     [Image: move_down_by_jiyako-dcjixjh.gif]

     [Image: attack_up_by_jiyako-dcjixji.gif]
[Image: attack_left_by_jiyako-dcjixjq.gif]      [Image: attack_right_by_jiyako-dcjixjm.gif]
     [Image: attack_down_by_jiyako-dcjixjs.gif]