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Full Version: Pokemon ASCII Battle Game!
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Relive the sights and sounds of First-gen Pokémon in this classic text-based Battle Game
All 151 Pokémon to play, with four Ranks to master!

Choose your Character then Start your journey:
  • Use Pikachu, Charizard, and Eevee all the way up to the rare legendaries: Zapdos, Mew and Mewtwo---all here in full HD text-art glory.
  • Fight using over 300 attacks in intense 1-on-1 battles with full sounds effects for every attack move---Fire, Water, Electric, Psychic and more to unlock.
  1. Source Code (C#), so anyone and everyone can to build their own text-based battle games!
  2. Over 300 Sound Effects---Gen I to Gen V cries and attack move sound effects!
  3. Pokémon ASCII Art Collection, an exclusive master-set of all Pokémon ascii-art from Gen I to Gen V!
[Image: pokemon_ascii_version_battle_game____dow...cgnmk1.png]

[Image: RGUohA.png]
[Image: kN5YLm.png][Image: zzrZHT.png]
PROMO VIDEO: PokeRap ASCII Version on YouTube!

Over 900 Characters in full HD text-art glory plus exclusives from MapleRose, the PokeWalls designer! 
Includes text-artists from DeviantArt, Steam, Gamespot, ASCII Art Online, Train.Board8, Gamefaqs and more.

[Image: 151_mewtwo_mew_family___ascii_art_by_bel...I7JQ4BuUP4]

[Image: dnIx2v.png]
No one has commented yet but this is very unique and well done. Keep up the good work!
Thankyou, Silversea. I have more resources for the community on the way too!
PROMO: Pokemon Sound Effects Collection Released! 3,200 SFX!

  • Attack Sounds Effects from: Red & Blue, Gold & Silver, Ruby & Saphire, Black/White + up to Gen 7 Sun/Moon!
  • SFX in WAV & MP3 formats---4500 sounds in high quality from Gameboy, Advance and DS generations.
[Image: pokemon_sfx_collection__gen_1_to_gen_5_a...NC1uOXlAHs]