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Full Version: Acfusion's custom sprites
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Hey I want to show some of my custom sprites and pixel art. I appreciate some feedback

I did some sprites of some dragon quest monsters in style of Pokemon GSC


I  am also in wip of make a sprites of ninten in the style of mother 3

I meant to post this a few days after the last post ,but I made pixel art of kid dracula.

(07-17-2018, 04:24 PM)Acfusion Wrote: [ -> ]I did some sprites of some dragon quest monsters in style of Pokemon GSC

I  am also in wip of make a sprites of ninten in the style of mother 3
Good Start!
For the Pokemon Style sprites there is a noticeable lack of shading them, so I recommend adding that.
For Ninten the face seems a little bit off, try looking at faces of characters such as Lucas to see how the shape of the face is.
In a general sense, I have noticed with your work is that you have alot of jagged line work. If I were you, I would really try to work on cleaning your lines to make sure the pixels feel smother. Anti Aliasing will help as well, but for now I think you need to focus on making your lines clean.

Pulling this from the Spriting Dictionary. Generally you would want to have your line work feel even like the example on the
[Image: curved_jag.gif]

I would also take into consideration how you want to shade your work because much of it feels flat, especially kid dracula.

You got the gist down of referencing and really sketching out the characters, which is a good thing. But I think if we should be pushing you in a direction to go into with your work then focusing on the quality of it, which will be of importance for you Acufusion. With that said, be sure to look up the spriting dictionary to pick up a few tidbits and techniques that will be extremely useful to you as you make pixel art.

On a final note, welcome to the forums! I think you'll fit nicely here on these boards and I hope that I've been of some help to you.
Hey I am almost finish with this set of pixel art is there any way I can improve it before I post it somewhere else.

Ultimately, what it comes down to is: More practice, working on proportions, etc. The Kirby set looks like is some tweaking in proportions, otherwise it's not bad. There are plenty of good tutorials (even here) when it comes to decent pixel art.

As for anti-aliasing, I am 50/50 on the idea. It has it's uses in the right place, but if your sprite is going to work on any background, not just specific ones (dark, light, a strong hue like blue or red), I would avoid doing it along the outside of the sprite; just keep it on the inside.
Want to see anyone's thoughts on this I made only using four colors before I scale them up post it anywhere else.

I'm back and I did some Gen 2 style sprites of Gen 3 pokemon for practice I might do more if I got more time.

I'm having some trouble with these sprites mainly with ciel and the overall shading with both sprites. Any advice ?

Its not related to shading but both characters legs look way too short, they both take up less than 50% of the body when legs actually take up more than half.