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Full Version: Mario's Nightmare Quest (SMW Mod)
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Well, I've posted about this project on a few other sites now, so I may as well post it here too.

Basically, Mario's Nightmare Quest is my Super Mario World mod/fan project, and kind of imagines a situation where Antasma (the 'main' villain from Mario & Luigi Dream Team) returns to get revenge on the Mario bros and Mushroom Kingdom. Either way, the story isn't the important part, with the focus being on the following:

1. Nintendo esque level design following the Mario 3D World/Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze four step level design philosophy:

2. A semi cohesive art style with a GBA era colour palette and set up.

3. Plus various gimmicks and interesting mechanics not seen elsewhere. Like custom power ups, rocket barrel/mine cart levels, unique bosses and level gimmicks, etc.

There was a demo released at Nintendo Community Fan Game Convention a while back:

But since then I decided to go back to the drawing board and reimagine everything to be a bit more cohesive and thought out in its level design.

So yeah, here are some screenshots for levels/level GFX:

[Image: Chapter1_00000.png]

[Image: Chapter1_00005.png]

[Image: SMW_00006.png.4cac41c13084b06c01fd8b44f60c2500.png]

[Image: SMW_00003.png.d59a051fed5221e34efce19a2119dd9e.png]

[Image: A_9-8xoYyHCmviuyqzLp2hnQnOWFJRssy9JC03vB...ize_mode=3]

[Image: space1.png]

Plus world maps:

[Image: SMW_00003.png.b6b771480f18325d63817d15f14593cd.png]

[Image: SMW_00004.png.b3c94938e880e1fd41762f65b606d3d9.png]

[Image: SMW_00005.png.3b809619d94ae5036aa852e14059c44b.png]