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Full Version: Harvest Moon edit Usagi House
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Heyya! First thread in a long time!

So, to give some background first, I'm working on an RPG Maker game inspired by/in the style of Harvest Moon DS [Cute] and GBA ([More] Friends of Mineral Town). The sprite style between the two is EXTREMELY similar and many things are even reused.

But in ripping things for this, I get REALLY distracted. So I started working on Usagi's house (from Sailor Moon)!! I've been using many reference images, including the SM Another Story house map just hosted hereon Spriters Resource!

It's not finished yet, and I don't know HOW-edited sprites have to be to be submitted to Custom/Edited on SR, so I just made this thread to share! Basically I'm ripping furniture/walls/floors from HMDS and MFoMT, editing some things, piecing together some things, recoloring some things, some even following other swatches in the games' palettes....

Progress so far. Take a look! No watermark yet cuz I'm a fool

(Side-wall doors are an edit attempt by me but look off... advice would be lovely!)

[Image: j8qZT8q.png]

Reference Images:

[Image: hmtIXqj.jpg] [Image: gCHQDrW.png]
[Image: VSVDL20.png] [Image: 2DxjtwL.jpg]
[Image: Bw6Nwkq.jpg]