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Full Version: Wario (Super Mario Bros. NES-Styled)
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After messing around with one of Wario's sprites from Super Mario Land 2, I had the sudden inspiration to create a full sheet for an SMB-styled Wario. I just want to hear some honest feedback about this.
I like the progress on this and I think that the palate is fine. What does bug me though is that the walk cycle doesn't feel like a walk cycle when I imagine this animated, it just looks like wario is dancing.

I would say take reference of two things: Mario's walk Cycle
[Image: Mariowalkcycle123.jpg]

While this isn't wario I think it should be noted on a technical aspect for the super mario bros walk cycle still tries to make the sprites feel as though they aren't flat despite the limitations of the art style in the game.

and the other thing that I think should be referenced is wario's walk cycle as well.

Sure, Wario is stubby, but at least he can move is two legs just as well as a normal person.

That kind of leads me to another thing is that I feel like you could make wario feel a little more stuby with the legs.

Those are my critiques, but I'm interested in how you develop these sprites. I would say don't get discouraged and keep doing the work.