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Full Version: Super Mario Adventure Game Creator
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In this game you can create your own customized levels,
Select Objects
to select tiles and Objects, select Edit tiles only
to multiply one by one after selecting it, press A, D, W, S, or to multiply continuous after selected press Ctrl + A, Ctrl + D, Ctrl + W, Ctrl + S
delete an item select the object then press delete,

to select the enemies first delete the Edit only Objects / Enemies option the same procedure of tiles and Objects,

Grid Visible / Invisible, for better customization,

Object properties option
select this option for object enhancements such as Opacity, Angle,

Properties of Enemies option
select this option for object enhancements such as HP, Speed,

Level Options
in this option you can modify levels such as Map size, Save slot, Load slot, Background, Scroll Rate XY, Zoom Rate XY

Map size, in this option you can modify the width and height of the level
Save slot, Load slot, in this option you can save and load custom levels, remembering always save in a different slot so that you do not save on top of another recording when saving a recording then you can create an image icon of the levels but for that you presisa create the image with the same name as the recording in the data folder contains an example in the folder
ScrollRate XY, ZoomRate XY, in this option you modify to adjust the position of the background image
Background <> In this option you load a background image located in the Backgrounds folder, remembering you can add new images in this folder backgrounds just follow the numbering type 1,2,3,35,36 etc ....

when everything has ready the creation press Play and have fun, to return to the Game Editor when the game has rolled press Enter / Pause and the menu of options will appear,
In case of a bug within the game please let me know so I can arrange

watch the videos know the game a little