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Full Version: Ganbare Goemon - The Future has put you on hold (Fan Game) - UPDATE and Question
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Sorry for the sparse post. I will fill it out more as time goes forward and I find time to work on it.

You know what has been missing since 2009. Any Ganbare Goemon content. I grew up with it. Everyone did. Since Konami is not doing anything, why not do something ourselves.

So. The plan so far. Make an original stroy in the same vain as the N64 games.
How. I just spent the last few 2 months ripping N64 models. I also have unity with the worst 3D camera I could make, but in time. It can improve. I will post some screenshots of what I have so far. And it is very very little. But everything has to start somewhere.

What I can do though is post what I am thinking. And some screenshots of models.
N64 Models :
Yae in her new costume :

Have gameplay like both N64 games. 
Have all four characters be perfectly playable.
Have new playable characters. (will be submitting those custom models tonight).
Multiple Costumes for each character (I.e. Yae Original Design and then her new one can be selectable)

Stretch: (As in if I figure it out. we can do it)
4 player Co-op. Think Mystical Ninja 64 with 4 people running around.

Now. Again, for the third time. This is sparse and needs more fleshing out. With real content. I will add some tonight. I will also be updating as I get a chance.
Lets see what we can do.

Planed Playable Characters (Costume Ideas in Parans):


Current Task:
Started Rigging Yae and ran into a question.

Should the hands be the nubs we are used to or actual hands with polygons for the fingers and thumb? I think I will update the models slightly to include the hands and thumb, so I can have more engaging cutscenes. So I am going to tweak the models and post them here I think. Unless people think Nubs are better. That case, I have Yae rigged. Will also be moving onto Animations, which I have never done before. So we will see how it goes. Also need to look into setting up youtube to show off video updates.
Ooooh this will be gud!

I did not forget about this, I have been making models for NPCs. If you check the Goemon Customs section

You will find submitted models. I also have no idea how to get video yet given I never did it correctly before, but I have a very bad camera working that phases through walls and basic controls. I am trying to make a breath of the wild style camera and update the controls to something more modern compared to what was in N64.

I am also planning on giving the characters proper hands and increasing the vert counts of the models, since we do not need to be exact.

I will attach some screenshots tomorrow.
I did create a Sasuke Mk2 model, because Future Goemon characters will show up in some fashion. Working on Ebisu right now and will post her to the customs section once she is complete.

Here is the beginning of a title screen. Yippie to something not useful.

And a screenshot of the sun on Yae in a poorly made tunnel. Still working on it. I have a cell shading script I want to try, since I think that would be a good art direction for such low poly models. that and I am terrible with high poly models, so making low poly ones look good is the best approach.
Update. Making models. If you check the goemon customs models section of this website, you will get an update on all the models i have been making. These will be used in the game in some capacity.
I added in ebisu and gunpact, an impact boss from the alpha version of mystical ninja. I plan on using him in the impact segments.

I need to see what to do about original characters for this project. I am also getting the controls panned out given i have little experience with 3d cameras. I hope to have something more interesting for the next update.
Ohohoh, awesome! ^^ Can't wait to see more~ Perhaps you could show us recordings next time you do so.
Hey is this project still going? Goemon's Great Adventure was my first ever game and it's hard to find much info on Goemon-related communities, so I am intrigued to see if this will continue and what the current progress is like?

You are certainly doing God's work by ripping the models for Goemon and working on a fan game!