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Full Version: My Metroid Project, Custom Sprites.
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Hello, this is my first sprites I'm posting on this forum. I just want to share them and get some feedback. I'm currently just working on Metroid sprites just so I don't get rusty and for general practice and thought Id share what I have done.

The fallowing are custom Samus, Ripper, and Metroid sprites. They are referenced using the GBA Metroids and use existing color pallets from the same Metroid games as I'm really bad at making my own pallets other then that, they are 100% custom and original.

[Image: Samus.png]

[Image: Ripper.png][Image: Metroid.png]
These are really great! Nice work!
I edited Samus and the metroid, as well as doing an idle animation for the Metroid. Thought I'd share.

[Image: Samus2.png]

[Image: Metroididle.gif]

[Image: Metroid2.png]
Holy cow these sprites look great!