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Full Version: Παρατηρητής Spriteposting
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Some posted pixel works may be submitted later down the line, but for now, I don't intend on submitting custom (Official content, of course) work until I'm rightly more confident in my skills. Last time I did any actual sprite work was way back in 2011/2012.

Well, let's get started!

I decided to try and hybridise the S3K and Mania styles - use the Mania style with the limited S3K palette, and changed it up to reflect both. S3K in the left corner, Mania in the right corner, and the Hybrid in the centre, with a 2x view at the bottom for better clarification.

I am fully aware that there are significant issues with at least a few parts of the Emerald. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

[Image: Hybrid_Style_ME.png]

Credit to Dolphman for ripping the gem.
This is actually really convenient for romhackers wanting to to use the Mania size. Also, I'm with you in waiting until I get more skilled to actually post submissions.
(03-12-2018, 12:00 AM)IsaacRB Wrote: [ -> ]This is actually really convenient for romhackers wanting to to use the Mania size.

The only issue though is that other tiles have to be removed to accommodate the larger size, but that's up to them.

So I've revisited the Emerald. The left Emerald is the same as in the OP, the right Emerald is the current version. The red sections are the focal WIP points, since the original dithering is hideous, and I've changed the shading between the upper dark olive sections. It's so rather minor, but there's a couple of changed pixels on the lower side of it.

Credit still to Dolphman.

[Image: Mania_ME_S3_K_Style.png]
Let's turn the Mania Hydro City into the S3K Hydrocity! As the pillar's the only section with any work, the standalone pillar on the left is the Mania version to compare to the S3K version that's WIP and blocks of one color. It's bizarre how, at normal view, they look effectively the same.

Credit to Random Talking Brush.

[Image: Mania_HCZ_S3_K_Style.png]
Completed that section of Hydro City from the other day. The Mania version is on the right for comparison, the one with the S3K Act 2 palette is on the left. I make no apologies for some brighter appearances, I need the practice with limited colors and this provides that.

Credit still to Random Talking Brush.

[Image: Mania_S3_K_HCZ_Style.png]
And now for something completely different.

[Image: S3Tiara.png]

Credit to Xeric-Studios for the base. I have his permission, me and him go way back.

I've been trying to take a crack at a sprite of Tiara for a couple of weeks now, and finally got something worthy of showing. I'm aware the belly needs a bit of shading, and the (her) left glove clashes with the pants, not quite sure how to fix the latter. Other than that, please do critique anything I've missed.

In regard to a sheet version: I've not done any actual character sprite sheets in around or more than 10 years, and even then those were stagnantly incomplete. If I can work out how to try it again, I will, but let me focus on tearing S3K asunder first.
[Image: Z.png]

I needed a change of pace from ripping work, and what better than this one again?

Just worked up a bored idle set (a slight shift in position) and the Rings of Order. I didn't want to do the "normal" thing of the rings having the same colors as the Chaos Emeralds (looking at you, Sol Emeralds, World Rings), as since there's like, a tiny amount of information regarding them, we don't know what their final colors could've been like.

Credits to Xeric, the Modgen Team (arms and bits) and Gussprint (the rings).
It's been a hot minute since I made use of this.

[Image: WIP.png]

Credit to DatKofGuy for ripping Irvine and Regis.

Alright, so it's been a hell of a very long time since I last did any actual work like this, even if it is quite minimal and garish in comparison to actual custom work. But, if I want to do what I want to do, then I've got to cross the bridge at some point or another. Just know that I'm not going to say anything more on who I intend for this to be or for what. It also won't be often that I post anything pertaining to this secretive project here, given the presence of guests.

Looking for pointers, really. I know at the end of the day it's basically just a small recolor and splice bit but as I said, it's been a hell of a long time.
Back to Tiara, and trying to cut away from the standard of Genesis Sonic idle poses. The green box is the latest version, trying to emulate the pose in the shot from the gameplay GIF of her. 

There's a distinct lack of the gold-yellow because of the utilisation of Sonic's palette line from S3K, which Tails also relies on. I'm not 100% sure whether the red from the original palette line or the adjusted one below it would work, even with the GIF screenshot.

Credit to Xeric.

[Image: Tiara-Boobowski-S3-K-Style.png]
More Tiara, and some Honey.

As I'm designing these to fit around the confines of Sonic 3 & Knuckles, I decided to try and get as much of the base content covered; idle pose, life icon, goal post and Stage Clear text. There's still some things that need to be fixed, granted, but this is after a few days of working, tweaking, retweaking and working with the input of others, in feedback and editing.

Sonic and Tails, and the Sonic and Knuckles goalposts, are included to explain, as they share the same palette in S3K. Using the Sonic's palette as a base, and then applying the respective palettes developed for Tiara and Honey onto Sonic, his Super form and Tails, show how the palettes would affect them if they were inserted into the game and replaced the corresponding colors on the palette line.

Obviously, Sonic's blue fur is changed. Sonic's shoes change a little bit with Tiara's palette. However, there are greater difference when Honey's palette is applied; his skin is changed, one of his white shades is changed, and the red is changed.

Tails is untouched by Tiara's palette for the most part, excluding the red of his shoes (omitted, you can see it on Sonic's shoes though), but more of his colors are adjusted with Honey's palette, as they had with Sonic. One orange shade gets darker, and the dark skin color that makes his darkest shade becomes faded.

Tiara's goalpost, adapted and considerably edited from one Xeric made some time ago, can follow the rules implemented for Sonic's goalpost and use the orange backdrop. Honey's was a little more complicated, as the darker orange shade clashed with her yellow fur. After some testing, it became clear that using Knuckles' goalpost as a rule would work out better, as the green backdrop is adjusted to a pink color.

Credit to Ton, Xeric, MotorRoach and the Mod. Gen Project Team.

[Image: Honey-Tiara.png]
So I decided to make an attempt at the Eternal Fighter Zero style - my first attempt in 11 years - and sprite Hotaru from Memories Off 2nd. Admittedly, there's still a fair amount of errors here and there, but I like how it turned out so far. Before pointing out the obvious that the detail from the skirt is missing, compare Rumi's skirt in her base game, with the same in EFZ. It made more sense to keep the detail omitted as per the rule from the base I used for Hotaru. Other bits came from random sprites of Mizuka, Misuzu and Doppel in EFZ. I think my first priority before the next post in this thread is to adjust the shading on the uniform's shirt and the gap that shows off part of the skirt.

[Image: Hotaru-Shirakawa-Custom-EFZ.png]