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Full Version: 'PlataGO! Platform Game Maker' testers wanted
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Hi everyone,
I have a project coming out next month which I wanted to share with you all.
It's a PC-based platform game maker called 'PlataGO! Super Platform Game Maker' - it's essentially Mario Maker for PC, that lets you build levels very quickly with a drag and drop interface, and then test and share levels instantly. Better yet, you can also import your own (or other games') sprites and tiles to make, well, pretty much whatever you want!

We will be launching in a month's time, but I was wondering if anyone on here would like a free steam key in order to test it before it goes into early access? If you'd like a free code then please message me and I'll send you one.

You can check out a rough trailer for PlataGO! here:

Hope you like it - looking forward to sharing with you all!

Oh and before I forget, if anyone wants to contribute sprite sheets to the game as well (basically your art can go into the game) then we would be totally okay with that too - just let me know if and how you want to contribute!

Many thanks,
For reference, Patashnik reached out to me via email to propose this before posting and I thought this sounded like a good opportunity for both them and us. Have a look at the trailer - it seems like this could actually be a lot of fun and we could wind up having quite a bit of involvement as a community if I'm understanding how importing sprite sheets works.
Really promising !
And you seems to be a professional developer through consoles distribution, I wish all the luck and success for your new game !

And if I can apply for testing before early access, I would welcome that.
Thanks so much for your interest.
I raised a batch of Steam codes yesterday, so I hope to have them ready to go early next week. I'll update as soon as they're ready!
I really like how this project is coming along so far, there could be a few tweaks made here and there but overall I see it having lots of potential. I'll follow along with development and see where it goes. Smile

I'm also a big fan of all the different graphic styles. Especially with how authentic the C64 and ZX Spectrum graphic styles look.
Definitely interested in beta testing- let me know!
I'm not sure how much help I'll be, since I'm terrible at level design, but I'll give it a whirl; I have beta tested Platformers before.