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Full Version: New unique, interesting RPG-based game called - "Rufford"
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A few days ago me and my friend decided to make a game. I have coding skill and my friend is a good scriptwriter. We caught ourselves in a thought that we need someone in our group to be designer of the game. Somebody creative, excited and modern  [Image: smiley.gif]. Somebody ready to work as a team!

To understand our project's direction, you should watch a few videos attached (One of each category will be enough!):
  • "Fargo" series trailer (to understand atmosphere):
  • Superfighters Deluxe gameplay (to understand graphics):

Events unfold in the frosty Minnesota US state, in winter. We are planning to unite perfect "Fargo" atmosphere and eccentric Superfighters' graphics in one exciting, remarkable and unique game. 

New unique game, friendly team, shared revenue. 

We are looking for all the pixel designers, but especially those who can create art in style as in the photo attached here ->

If you are interested, tell us know - scratch to our email -  Smile
This game can be very succesful, and you already done a very good work !
I am not very good as pixel artist so I don't think I can help in design, but I can if you plan mobile publishing (Google Play, Microsoft Store), I can even help you if you want Xbox One indie game publishing (ID@Xbox).